28 de março de 2012

Confident Children out of Conflict

 In South Sudan, the number of vulnerable children is increasing quickly.
Cathy Groenendijk, together with concerned Sudanese, established Confident Children out of Conflict to empower these children for hopeful futures.
They need your help!
To create a safe, just, and enabling environment where orphans and vulnerable CHILDREN can come out of the CONFLICT within themselves and around them, so that they can grow to have a meaningful future, with CONFIDENCE in their own abilities and resources, contributing to the development of the New Sudan.

There are 25 girls from 6-12 years of age that urgently need to be protected from child molesters and sex abusers.

They need a home URGENTLY.

CCC needs your help in order to help these girls.

Please contact the director cathy.groenendijk@gmail.com to help.

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